Saturday, 17 March 2018

Product Empties: Estee Lauder Micro Essence

Hello everyone! Long time no blog! I will get into what I have been up to in a post at a later date but I wanted to jump back into blogging while I still have the blogging bug!

I wanted to talk about a product that I literally finished last night, Estee Lauder Micro Essence. Essence became a big buzz-word in the beauty community last year so I wanted to try one and see what all the fuss it about.

As far as I can tell a essence is simular to a toner but with more benefits and is more moisturising and hydrating.

Micro Essence claims the following:

  1. Micro and mighty. This essence-in-lotion activates and strengthens skin's foundation to reveal its youthful, angelic glow.
  2. MICRO TARGETED: penetrates deeply and rapidly within skin's surface to renew and rebalance its appearance.
  3. MICRO NOURISHING: delivers a precise concentration of exclusive Micro-Nutrient Bio-Ferment.
  4. MICRO ACTIVE: Activates multiple natural pro-youth abilities to replenish the look of skin.
  5. Skin is more hydrated, smoother, supple. 
This essence feels simular to a toner, lightweight and warery, maybe a tad thicker than a toner or micellar water but not much. I applied this product one a cotton pad after cleansing, sweeping it all over my face before I start my skincare routine. It sinks into the skin quickly without leaving any residue or stickyness on the skin.

The bottle is just what I expect from Estee Lauder, a solid, heavy, frosted glass bottle with a gold lid. I bought the hefty 150ml bottle (RRP: £68.00)  and it lasted me at least 6 months on use every day.

Straight away my skin felt smoother and softer after applying. My skin felt instantly plumper as well. Having oily skin I was so happy to find that this didn't make my face seem more greasy and shiny, but rather refreshed and calm. I also felt it hydrated my skin much more than a regular toner would.

I didn't really notice any skincare benefits from using this product, but honestly I didn't expect it to, but it was a really lovely addition to my routine. I probably will not repurchase this as it was pretty expensive, but if you can get a smaller bottle or get this on offer I would grab a bottle.

Take care everyone, Love


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Makeup Revolution Retro Matte Lip Kit in Grandee Review

After the Kylie Jenner original lip kit expolsion it seems every brand is doing one, with mixed results sadly. Makeup Revolution is a brand I can always turn to with decent price to quality ratio. When I saw they had done their own lip kits I ran to my local Superdrug to try them out. Sadly it seems I had been beaten as there was only a megre offering left. I picked up Grandee a bubblegum pink kit to try even though it was a colour that hardly ever seemed to sit right on my yellow skintone.

Let me first say a big sorry that both the box and the liner seems to have gone walkies, although honestly I hardly wear liner so for me this isn't really a big deal. So when I say this is a lip kit review I more mean it is a review of the matte liquid lipstick itself.

I love the packing of this product, Makeup Revolution have really steped up their game in terms of making things look more aesthetically pleasing than when the brand first launched. The lipsrick (and liner) was packaged in a sleek matte black box. The actual product itself features a sturdy plastic tube with pretty matte rose gold accents. It actaully looks really sleek and luxe. The applicator is a sponge doe foot which is narrow and perfect for creating a sculpted lip.

Grandee is a bright bubblegum pink, it verges on Barbie pink to me. Like I said before I don't normally wear colours like this but it should be a good indication as what the rest of the collection is like right? According to the instructions you should cover the whole of your lips in the liner first and then apply the lipstick over the top. My swatches show the lipstick on it's own without liner.

Firstly let me say this is a very thick and creamy consistency, it was opaque with one swipe without having to build so the liner really shouldn't be needed unless you want to define those outer edges.On the lips the lipstick felt very thick and heavy to wear, it seemed to take quite a while to dry down too and always felt a little tacky. This lipstick really shows off the condition of your lips, if they are slightly dry it gives a flakey look to the lips which isn't that attractive.  I also found this formula remained sticky it actually stuck the linner lips together a bit and when you opened your lips it pulled off the lipstick. I didn't try to eat or drink wearing this product as it already looked too messy after just a couple of hours of wearing it around the house.

 It really is a shame as even though the colour isn't too my tastes it was actually very pretty and I can see it looking really pretty on someone with a different skintone than my own. I did see that there are new lipkits out in Superdrug and they say they have a new formula so if this issue has been resolved then good on them for addressing the formula.

In short maybe don't buy this product (unless it says it has a new formula) but it still looks pretty.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer (Green): Review

After my last post on colour correction I have jumped a little further into the world of colours. I am not ready to go headlong into a rainbow face under my foundation but I have seen the benefit of  green/mint on my red (spot and acne scarred) face.

I picked up this NYX HD Photogenic Concealer as it was the only green colour corrector I could see that was a wand ather than a stick when I went into Boots. This range covers a range of cream concealers and colour correctors. I like the sleek packging of the NYX range, you can see the colour of the corrector clearly from the outside of the package. For me, who is still a little hesitant about using colour correctors I like the fact that this isn't too green, the softer mint colour seems a bit less scary and less likely to turn me into a hulk-type-thing!

The lid of the tube unscrews and you get a slim doe-foot, sponge applicator, which is very simiular to the Collection concealer that I love. The wand is very controlled and doesn't pick up too much product, so there is little wastage. In terms of packaging I was already happy with this product. But how well does it actually work?

So the idea behind green correctors is that it neutralises red tones. If you check out a colour wheel you can see green is on the opposite side to red! This makes green correctors great for rosacea, or like me redness caused by pigmentation from scarring or even angry red spots. I applled a small dab of this concealer on any red areas of my face and gently blended it out by gently tapping the product into the skin with my finger. This leaves a slight green tint to the skin, but most importantly the red areas suddendly don't look so red. I then applied foundation gently on top of this and I could certaintly see that there was much less redness peaking through. I didn't apply skin-toned concealer on top as I wanted a light makeup look but I beileve with that too you wouldn't see any redness. I like the idea of the green corrector though as it means you don't have to apply so much product to cover the redness on your face!

 The corrector is very creamy. The swatch above shows one dip of the wand into the product and one swipe of product. Even on my oily skin this corrector didn't start to break down and lasted all day. If you have a very bad patch of pigmentation I beileve that this corrector could be built up to the opacity you needed too.

 If you suffer with redness this product is a must! I think it is great and for the price it is a steal!

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder Review

Colour Correction is all the rage, but honestly it is a minefield  I saw this MUA powder in Superdrug and thought it would be worth a try as it looked pretty easy to use with 4 colours in one and the fact it is a correcting powder rather than correcting concelaer.

How pretty and inviting does this look?  MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder comes in a clear and white plastic compact, which to me makes it look clean and very professional and not as cheap looking as some of the other products in the range. The powder is sectioned into quarters, you have a yellow tone for contering darkness, purple/lilac to counter sallow skin, green for redness and this bronze/orange tone (they call it peach but I find it is much darker than the other shades and has more of a shimmer) which is also to counter darkness.

This is a baked powder and a fine shimmer can seen throughout, although when on the skin this doesn't really translate. This is great as it makes it look more radient and not to harshly matte on the face. This mineral based powder is made mostly from natural mica and is milled very finely so it is very smooth and silky on the skin too.

Even though the shades look quite pigmented in the pan when you apply them they are actually quite subtle. I really has to pack the product on in my swatches so you could see the colour clearly. This means that the powder can be used in two ways, you can sweep a mixture of all four colours all over your face or use certain colours in targeted areas to help correct the face. On the skin this looks similar to a translucent powder, mattifying  and setting your makeup without adding lots of colour. I beileve this does counter some colouring in the face, espically when wearing a more ntaural/ lighter base product when some of your natural skintone and pigmnetation can be seen through. But  what I like more about the product however is how it adds a suntle illumination to the face, amking it seem more healthy and bright.

If you want a quirly powder this is certainly worth a try, it is a lovely feeling product and great fro brightening your face. If you want to take the first steps into colour correction this is product for you! 
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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Micellar Cleansing water has taken over the beauty world by storm and honestly I can see why. A product that is super easy to use, feels like water, dissolves makeup and impurities and has so many options. There is surely a version to suit everyone! Although I admit there are maybe too many now with every brand releasesing  a version. I myself must of tried at least six differet ones now (with varying levels of success). I have just seen that Boots has began selling Sukin, it is a brand that I really love and I am so glad that it is getting easier to purchase. Finally big retailers are listening and stocking  natural 100% vegan, crurlty free alternatives to your favourite products.

The cleansing water comes in this natural looking brown plastic bottle. It comes with a squeeze top lid so that you can gentle apply a small amount to a cotton pad without drenching and wasting all your product. I find that the smaller size bottle makes it much easier to control compared to some of the big-name bigger-bottle counterparts. My only complaint is that the colour of the bottles makes it hard to see how much product you have left unless you hold it up to the light. 

What drew me most to this product was the fact it was suitable for all skin types, Miceallar waters by design have tiny particles of oil in them that act as magnets trapping and removing dirt some but it means some micellar waters can be too oily or even too drying and my oily skin can be quite fussy. I have had some bad break outs in the past due to the amount of oil these cleansers can contain. However this water was gentle enough that it didn't irritate my skin at all, but at the same time doesn't strip the skin too much so is still hydrating.

In fact this water is maybe the most gentle cleansing water I have used thanks to aloe vera and chamomile in the product. It also contains my arch-nemesis cucumber. Normally I detest this stuff but luckily (unlike the Soap and Glory Micellar Water who coincidentally since I posted my review have changed their packaging so a little picture of a cucumber is now on the front of the bottle ) you don't notice the scent at all. In fact I would go far as to say this is practically fragrence free!

This product was  really effective at removing my makeup. I think because it is so gentle I would still use a eye makeup remover to remove stubborn waterproof mascara as I needed to scrub a little too muuh for my liking to get it removed, but it easily dissolved my foundation and lipsticketc, leaving my face clean and fresh without any dryness or tightness to my skin.

In all I would certainly recommend this cleansing water to anyone wanting to try it! I have only tried a couple of products from the range so I am excite to try more and see what Sukin has to offer!
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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub Review

As you know if you are a long time reader of this blog I love Soap and Glory, from their whimsical, retro packaging to their yummy scents most of the range is amazing! They are all super reasonably priced too so that is a big bonus. Somehow the Breakfast Scrub has passed me by and it wasn't until I was having a cheeky smell of it  that I knew I had to try it.

So lets talk about the scent first as that is what made me buy it. This scrub is maple scented and while sweet it never smells overly sickly. Here in the UK maple isn't something I overly associate with breakfast  (I think more of the USA and  pancakes!) but it is a really different and appealing scent and I can honestly say I haven't tried a beauty product that smells of maple before.  The front of the pot also lists Banana, Almond and Honey and to me this does sound like a smoothie!

As a scrub this works pretty well, it ticks all the scrubby boxes that it should. There are a couple of different sized particles and not a microbead in sight.  You have scrubby sugar particles, natural organic cupuacu and oatmealWhat a list! This scrub is a bit thick and that puts it on the coarser side so I would advise using this more as a body scrub than a facial scrub. But because of this thickness it doesn't just dissapear as soon as water hits it, meaning you really can work it into your skin. The pot is also massive, it is 300ml so with only using a smallish amount at once this product is going to last.

In all I really would say go and grab a pot of this scrub you won't be dissapointed, my sin felt soft and smooth after using this. The sugar hit is also really nice and lingers on the skin. If only they would bring out this as a body lotion already! As a bonus Soap and Glory is CF and I beileve organic!
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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Night Cream Review

Hello lovely follwers, long time no post. I hope to be able to blog a little more now. I am not going to go into a long post about how I haven't blogged but instead jump straight in with a new postabout a product I have tried recently.

 Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Antioxident Gel Cream to give it it's full name is a gel based night cream. The Moisture Bomb range really appeals to me as it isn't a range designed just for dry skin but rather dehydrated skin. As someone who doesn't drink enough water in a day I think this is really helpful (although I really should drink more water anyway!). I have oily skin so I don't want a heavy product and the gel texture is much lighter than a traditional cream and sinks straight away into the skin without any stickyness.  The texture reminds me alot of a serum and it is stange at first to use but I found myself really enjoying the cooling and refreshing feeling that a gel gibves rather than a cream.

The screw tub contains 50ml of product which is a refreshing light blue in colour. I have found you only need a small amount of product at once as although it is quick to absorb into the skin it is easily spreadable first. I also love the scent of the product, it is somehow fresh and fruity at the same time. The scent doesn't linger long enough once applied to be an annoyance either.  This cream contains Amla and Pomegranate extracts which could explain this scent.

For me the only thing that lets it down is the packaging, it's not a product I want to display on my dressing table, the bright blue plastic post is garish. I think they could play the fruit angle more as well.

All in all I love this product the lightweight cream works well for oily skin without being heavy but I am unsure if dry to very dry skintypes would find it as moistureing.  Have you used this product? The sheet masks in this range keep calling to me! 
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