Sunday, 25 September 2011

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

I know who would of thought my blog would suddenly go upper class and feature and OPI polish? All the polishes I show on this blog are ones that I have got discounted or on sale. Thankfully SSFS is no exception. I picked this up discounted at my local Sally's. This was the only polish that they had left out of the Hong Kong Collection (I really hoped that they might of had a spare Jade is the New Black lying around but nope).

Anyway i love OPI, the application, the bottle shape, the brush. I love them. Over here in the UK they are stupidly expensive and then you only normally find the pink polishes so i am really happy to have this added to my collection.

Anyway i like the colour of this polish. I am not really a bright blue person but this is really pretty it's bright but not too in your face. It seems to have almos ta grey base tone to it that I  don't think really comes accross in the photo. So pretty :)



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