Friday, 7 October 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Purple Xing

This polish has sat in my untied for months and last night the boyfriend picked this colour out for me to wear and I must admit my joy at this choice.

So Purple-xing is a pretty sheer purple jelly which is packed through with purple and holographic glitter in a range of different sizes. When you catch it just right you get a host of silver/green and orange sparkles that makes this polish just to die for.

What i like about Nina Ultra Pro is the price. I think you can only grab this polish in Sally's but it is so much cheaper than the other polish brands they carry.

Anyway the coverage with this polish is great, even though it is a bit sheer. I used two coats but you can use more if you want to build up a really intense glitter bomb (although removal will be a nightmare). I decorated this mani with some cute white daisy decals on my tumbs to accent this beautiful mani.

The only downside is even with SV Purple-xing still feels like sandpaper on my nails it is pretty rough. But i can live with that.

Look at this:



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