Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Klean Colour Silver Lining

My order arrived yesterday, it was there waiting for me when I got in after having my operation. Don't worry they only removed my wisdom teeth. I would of taken a picture the massive box of polishes but I was in too much of a hurry to open it. Inside where 12 amazing polishes that i can't wait to try.

Out of all the polishes ordered this polish was the one that I was most unsure about so this is why I tried it first. This is Klean Colour Silver Lining. It is a clear base with tiny (very sheer) silver micro glitter and bigger lilac/purple circle glitter.

First off let me say that Klean Colour polishes like everyone says do smell. It is because they are not big 3 free ('tis why I won't be using them without a basecoat). But they don't STINK like alot of people say they do. They just smell like the good old fashion polish my mum used to wear.

Secondly, the purple in this polish is very spread out so don't expect to get loads on your brush at one. Also it requires alot of placement.

I tried this polish ontop of Barry M's Matt White and i really am not to keen on the white, hence why there is no clean up going on. It is kinda pretty, it looks a bit like a purple snowfall, but on my nails it makes my fingers seem a bit yucky. However i do like this polish, i will try layering on a different base and seeing what happens then.


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