Thursday, 27 October 2011

OPI Rainbow Connection

The lack of updates recently is because i normally paint my nails in theh evening after University, however the light then isn't good enough to get a picture. Recently i have swapped to a new basecoat and in the morning i have woken up to find two or three have my nails have peeled completely off in the night.... I am now looking for a new basecoat. In the mean time i have resorted back to my orginal one, which while not great is better than the peeling one i have been using!

So i managed to get my mitts on a few of the few OPI muppet glitter polishes. And while they did cost a pretty penny i couldn't really resist them. This bottle of Rainbow Connection was the last one in the whole of my City so i was very lucky to get it!

As you know I love glitter polishes however the more sheer polishes I normally use for layering. I hate VNL however I wanted to see what this polish looks like on it's own.

Two coats of this polish gives pretty good coverage, it's not full, so you can see some of the nail underneath but not enough to look really sparse. I will be trying this polish with a base coat underneath next time.
So Rainbow Connection consists of multi-coloured glitter in either micro and bigger hex glitter. It is very pretty, but i am worried that it looks almost exactly like Milani FX gems which i bought with my mega Kleancolor order (for a much cheaper price last week).

I decided to add a matt topcoat to this and the effect of matt glitter straight on the nail is really funky. It looks like a splatter mani!

So pretty.


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