Wednesday, 23 November 2011

International Birthday Group

You may have noticed the Birthday badge that i have added to the navbar at the side of this blog. 11 of the lovely ladies over at PAA and myself decided to send packages to each other depending on our birthday.

So basically each girl is assigned a month and the 11 others who's month it is not send the lucky girl a package. If that makes sense. Even though my Birthday is January my own month is March (a couple of us overlapped with birthday months) so expect lots of post in march as i get 11 packages from ladies all over the world!

Our first month is/was December. So the lovely Emma got to go first. Emma's birthday isn't until December 20th but i think we were all really keen to send out our packages so they got there quite early. This was my first international nail mail so i was pretty nervous sending my humble offering it all the way to Georgia.

I actually forgot to take photos so here are some that Emma took:
Here are the polishes all wrapped up after their very long trip.
Here they are. Barry M Blue Print (Shatter), Spring Green, Cobalt Blue and Indigo. 
I also sent Emma a Pink Cookie Shimmer Body Lotion which i picked up in Boots (it smells really nice and the shimmer is really light so you won't end up looking like an extra from Twilight!) and some Skittles (which somehow didn't make it to the photo taking :P ).

Emma even swatched them...

I am really excited to send out the January package even if the lady in question stole my birthday month

Emma i hope you have an amazing Birthday!


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