Sunday, 20 November 2011

Milani Hi-Tech

So today I thought I would try a couple of my untried polishes. I decided to use a Color Club green from the Poptastic collection I got from Debbie over at The Crumpet last week. (You can see my orginal post on the colours I got here). I think it is pretty normal for Color Club polishes which came in a set not to be labelled, but I managed to do a bit of internet-stalking and found that this green is called Twiggie.

Twiggie is a pale green creme which just starts to border on neon. It's the lovechild of a lime green and mint green polish. On the nail it applies quite streaky I used two coats but it could use three for a truely even finish.

Anyway i then topped Twiggie with Milani Hi-Tech from the 3D Holographic collection. Everyone says that of the 3D polishes Hi-Tech is the most linear holo of the collection and with my love of all things green at the moment I couldn't really turn this polish down. This came with my mega Kleancolor order from a few months back. Hi-Tech is a lime green holographic polish. Sadly there is no sun today in rainy old England so i can't show you all it's true beauty but it is so lovely. You get flashes of gold, oranage and pink. Wow!

My boyfriend says this is a Kermit green and I do tend to agree.
Do you own any Milani Holographics? I think I need to complete this set now! What is your favoyurite Holographic polish?


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