Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Secret Santa

Just a quick post toady to say that over at PAA we decided to do an International Secret Santa. I was lucky enough to get the lovely Elizabeth from America who is also a member of the Birthday Club that I take part in every month too. So I was doubly excited to send her something that she would really like.

Elizabeth got her package today. Here is the picture of what i sent over:
A happy snowman Christmas Card, Boots Cranberry Christmas Body Butter, Nivea Hand Cream (my go-to hand cream) and some tasty Skittles. The polishes are Zoya and are from the Mod Mattes Collection from this Summer.  The Pink is Lolly and the Blue is Pheobe!

I have never had any Zoya's before myself but after buying these for Elizabeth I know i am going to have to get some of these beauties for myself too!

Elizabeth I hope you have a lovely Holiday Season!


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