Sunday, 4 December 2011

Wreaths & Garlands

Remember this? It is the 4th day of December (alomost the 5th) and I haven't posted a single christmas manicure yet. 

So today I bit the bullet and did a mani for day five- wreaths.

 So a little story for you. My childhood home will always remain a kind of magical place to me I can't explain it but I had such a lovely childhood but now that I am finally becoming an adult (and coming to terms with the fact that i am!) This house was massive and in the middle of the countryside. Our front garden seemed to strech on forever and at the very bottom was a giant holly tree. I loved that tree so much (although in the summer i did go around barefoot alot and there were a couple of incidents with holly leaves).

Anyway every christmas my mum would make wreaths out of the Holly and give them out to the whole village. I guess in a werid way this mani is a homage to that.

For this mani I used my go-to green Nina Ultra Pro in Emerald Green (green along with purple and blue is one ofmy favourite colours but I really have no green polish!) and some red rhinestones that  i picked up from the cardmaking section of Tesco. This is a very simple holly leaf design. I really want to get some nail art pens/ brushes but until then i'll have to make do!


Happy Holidays!


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