Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Tree

So here is my day 14 nails for the purple crumpet fairy christmas challange.

However I cheated a bit of this mani and I am paying the price a bit for that I think. I chose to do christmas tree decorations so I found some cute bauble stickers from a christmas theme pack of Fräulein3°8 decals. You can buy them here. They are really cute and there are loads of different cute designs. In the pack was about 6-8 different bauble designs. 

I used a base coat of green LA COLOR polish in the shade Current which i got in my lovely Secret Santa package.  This polish is a beautiful light green with a golden shimmer, one coat is really thin are there is alot of VNL but by coat two that is almost eliminated. I used three coats here for optimum effect.

As much as i pressed down these cute stickers they started to curl back up at the edges after about 30 seconds. Even with a thick coat of SV on top these stickers are still curled a bit.
The shot below is of my other hand :)

Have you used nail stickers?
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays



  1. It's still really cute!! I can never get stickers to stay on my nails. :( I think they're too round!


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