Sunday, 18 December 2011

Revlon Purplex

Recently I started lemming over the beautiful  Chanel Paradoxal polish which one of my friends mothers was wearing a few weeks ago. I knew I need to have a dupe of this polish it is so pretty. Revlon made a very limited polishes called Purplex which is basically the same polish! (google for swatch comparisions). However Purplex is increasingly hard to find.

However Revlon have just brought out a new range of polishand re-released Purplex under a new name Naughty.

So like any person i dId a shout out to see if anyone in the states could pick me up a bottle of Naughty. I was so late to the whole Paradoxal/ Purplex party i gave out no hope of being able to find it. However the amazing (go check out her blog!)  offered to send me a bottle of Purplex!


Purplex is a wonderful one-coater polish in a greyed-out plum, iT has an almost khaki (in a purple way) feel to it. It is just so classy and a perfect winter colour. Here it looks alot more purple than it does IRL.
Obligatory blurry shot
This is the perfect colour to quench amy lemmings and I can't wait to go show my polish to my friends mother so we can go compare! Thank you so much Jackie for sending me this!
Happy Holidays!


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