Wednesday, 21 December 2011

OPI Chopsticking to my Story and Servin' Up Sparkle

Today is christmas glitterbomb!

I managed to get some OPI polishes really cheap last week, which is something that never happnes over here in the UK I got three  in TK MAXX and they work out at £4.00 each. Anyway two of the colours i got were Chopsticking to my Story and Servin' up Sparkle so i decided to do a bit of layering.

I can't say I am a big orange fan but I love Chopsticking to my Story, it is the perfect christmas colour as it is so warm. I suddenly have quite a few polishes from the Hong Kong collcetion although they never really caught my eye at the time- although I am still without the star of that collection (Jade is the New Black). Chopsticking to My Story is a warm dusty orange/brown creme.  It is a good formula without any application issue and  is good to go in 2 coats. My photos makes it look more like a coral colour than a deep burnt orange but it is really something pretty.

But what was most amazing was Servin' up Sparkle, the glitter is so dense that i only needed one coat and i think every part of my nail got some glitter on it. It was so much easier to apply than alot of glitters i have tried recently. But what is most amazing is that there is tiny micro glitter and then larger hex pieces. But they are holographic and when they hit the sun it is like tiny rainbows on your fingers. They flash pink,orange and green. I am totally gushing about this polish but it is so pretty.

And blurry pictures which showws off the lovely rainbow effect of this polish.

My mind is already aflutter with other layering combinations for these polishes!


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