Saturday, 24 December 2011

Essence Twins Bella and Edward Christmas Day Purple Crumpet Fairy Mani

 So firstly let me wish everyone who is following a very merry christmas and a happy holiday season!

So I am a very lucky lady, I have made some wonderful friends this year and have become involved in a wonderful community of people all thanks to a bottle of nail polish!

One of these lovely ladies Jewli from Germany is someone who I have only recently started to get in contact with but she is a lovely. Jewli is just one example of the amazing ladies I have met this year.

Anyway Jewli offered to send me through some of my major lemming polishes from Essence. They are not availble in the UK so I jumped at the chance. What was amazing is the fact i never expected these to arrive before christmas given the fact this would be an internation order. Also this was Jewli first swap so I wanted everything to go well for her.

I am so happy with the polish i got! Here is Essence Twins Chuck and Blair (top)  Bella and Edward and Gabriella and Troy.

Each of these polish is in a set of two one is the base coat colour and the other is the glitter topper.

I was really worried that by doing the Purple Crumpet Fairy challenge that I had shown you guys all my best polishes and would have nothing to show you for christmas day. ...

However I decided i would wear Bella and Edward!
This is one thick coat of Bella. I am sorry but i didn't tidy up in this picture. Bella is a wonderful greenish turquoise with an amazing a glossy finish! I haven't found a colour that goes so well with my skintone before. I cannot gush enough at this polish!

I then added a topper- Edward which is a micro silver glitter that flashes green mixed with turquoise square glitter that flashes steal in a clear base. I cannot express how much i  love this combo they work perfectly together in a way that slapping a coat of glitter polish on top of another colour just can't! 

 I would also like to point out that i bought a bottle of OPI nail envy and this is the first mani with this as a base coat. I will keep you all upadted with how i get on!

Wow this may be my favourite combo yet and is perfect for christmas! 

Happy Holidays Everyone!



  1. i LOVE Edward - merry christmas sweetheart - may your polish dreams come true :)

  2. I love these twins! When I wore Edward and Bella I could not stop staring at my nails. They look equally as great on you! :)


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