Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Barry M Croc effect polish

I have been early awiting the Barry M Croc effect polish and then december came and I forgot all about it.

This polish sounded really exciting, like crackle polishes a coat of this polish shrinks but a 'crocodile' scale effect should emerge.

To test out this polish i used two coats of Barry M bright pink (which is actually a light baby pink) and two coats of Color Club Pucci-Licious (which is an amazing blue based purple periwinkle colour). I then applied one coat of Croc effects to tacky polish. The effect takes alot longer than normal shatter (about 3-5 mins) so I would suggest painting one hand and applying the polish and while that is 'crocifying' paint the other hand. For an accent nail i use one coat of Barry M black shatter. I had to remember to apply this to dry polish! 

I really like the effect of this polish although i don't know how 'croc' it really is. Maybe if this was green or brown i would be more happy to call it that! (and a green shatter polish would be amazing too Mr M!)  I do like the fact you get more horozontal cracks than reagular crackle polish though and the polish lies alot smoother on the nail. (The crackle polish is really bumpy even after a thick coat of SV)
Overall I am pretty happy with this polish and can't wait for them to bring it out in another colour!



  1. Interesting! Where did you find it? I've not seen it yet x

  2. Helly, i got it at Superdrug, although i hear it is hit and miss as to whether they have put them out yet or not. Let me know if you find a bottle!

  3. I love this purple color! So pretty! I just used my croc effects today too! I think I'm going to be needing a back up bottle!

  4. I found it, but I cannot get it to work for me! It definitely doesn't look as good on me as it did you!x

  5. Helly i'm glad you found it, the best tip i can give you is that it needs to be applied to tacky polish and you need to wait ages for the crackle effect! xx


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