Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Secret Santa

I know I advertise Polish-aholics Anonymous alot but it is a wonderful community full of truly very talented and lovely women.  Today is just another example of that!

So on last monday I got a note to say that I had missed a parcel that coulon't fit through my letter box. After finding that my Secret Santa gift arrived safely with Elizabeth my head turned to my own gift. I asked to get my package re-delivered on wednesday. After a whole day of waiting in (answering the door to three other postmen/ delivery men to sign for packages for my housemates) my package didn't turn up.  So once again I asked for a redelivery. By this time I was manically wanting my dose of polish so I asked on of the Admin over at PAA if this parcel was likley to be my SS gift.  I was told that when it was last tracked it was still in America and that this probably wouldn't be it!

So when the postman came today i really had no hopes at all that this might be my gift! This means that my package took only 6 days to travel all the way from Louisiana  and the amazing Ashley to me here in rainy old England.

And what an amazing job Ashley did with my package (much PIC SPAM sorry):
 Is that pretties i spy? Trust me there were some pretty animalistic ripping and tearing involved... 
 My boyfriend had much fun using these silver strands as a wig.
Ashley sent me a lovely soft stocking and a cute Christmas Card.
Some tasty sweeties, pop rocks and candy canes (she was also sweet enough to send me a cut-out with what flavor they were!) I love sweets and although I am in no way picky I do not eat Nestle' sweets/products in protest of their innate evilness, which Ashley sweetly took into consideration as well!)
Ginger Snap body lotion, a mint sweetie soap and a berry lip balm.
Emery Boards and handmade christmas earrings.
 La Colours in Current,  Art Deco:Ice Breaker and Sassy Sparkle
Ulta Polish in Material Girl, Jaded and Eye Poping Poppy
And finally Hard Candy in Beetle,  Wet N Wild in Party of Five Glitters and Kaleidscope and Love my Nails in Crystal

I am actually in a state of shock right now, not only do I have more glitter than I will ever need but these are all brands of polish I have never used before! Ashley thank you so much, as a newbie polish-acholic I couldn't wish for anything better. To Ashley and all my wonderful followers (there are about 50 of you now, I think something special might happen if we can make it to 100) have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!



  1. Wow! That package is awesome! :D

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  3. I'm SO glad you like everything! I was hoping so. I own most of the those polishes (my collection is way too big), with the exception of Beetle and Jaded, so I know the formulas are awesome to work with. I hope you enjoy them!!

  4. I am not in a position to view this web site properly on firefox I think there's a problem.

  5. Anonymous i am using firefox and everything seems fine, can i suggest seeing if firefox has any updates as theat might impact your viewing of this site :)

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