Thursday, 5 January 2012

RAWR Animal Print

So over at The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challnege we have finished our christmas challenge which means we go back to normal now. Or as normal as us crazy ladies over there get!

Anyway this week the wonderful Zoe chose our challenge. Animal Print. I was so excited about this but i kinda failed a bit. My excuse is that i am away from home and have no nail art supplies at all. Lame excuse i know.

I found this really great Tutorial online about doing snake print (if it was your leave me a comment so i can credit you as i can't find the link) using felt-tipped pen on kitchen towel and then transferring this onto white painted nails.  However I had major problems, firstly I didn't have a white polish with me so I borrowed one from my 12 year old sister and it was a cheapy crappy one that refused to dry. I spent hours waiting for that polish to dry, much longer than any other polish i have ever tried. And then horror of horrors when i was dry the felt-tipped pens didn't transfer onto the nails and just left grubby green marks. ERRGH!

I was annoyed and knew i was going to try something else and wanted to take this horrid white off ASAP but before i did i had a bit of fun with an old liquid eyeliner. I drew on Zebra stripes.
Yes it sucks. The polish the fact i used and EYELINER instead of nail art pens. I didn't even bother to clean this up i came straight off after I snapped these photos.
So there i was with naked nail-envy'd nails so i decided to have a bit of fun. Beware my bare yucky nails below!

These were quite cute and I left them on for the rest of the day. I use  Essenec Bella, Gabriella and Chuck for the cute pawprints and a cocktail stick!
Even though these designs arn't great I was please that I had used household objects for these (eyeliners and cocktail sticks of all things!) I have some lovely nail art things back home kept aside for an animal print challenge so expect a second attempt soon!

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