Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Essence Twins Troy and Gabriella

So High School Musical finally redeems itself with these amazing polishes.

You may remember that I posted Bella and Edward last week and utterly blubed abouted how much I loved them. However Troy and Gabriella are are even better! I was so surpised, there is always so much hype around Edward and Bella but these two are utterly breath-taking.

So Gabriella  is a pink based Purple with a fantastic blue flash. I only took one quick snap of it before layering the glitter polish and it was before clean-up, but it is such a pretty shade that I will definatly be wearing on it's own soon.
Then I layered the glitter Troy (why are the glitters the boy names?) over the top. Troy is a silver, bright pink and blue micro glitter in a clear base. It is really jam-packed and super easy to get coverage. I applied one coat. 

With the flash you can easily pick out the blue glitter.
And here it is without flash. Pretty isn't it? I love the fact these two polishes go together so well. It doesn't look like two they just melt together to make one amazing polish. Yummy!


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