Friday, 24 February 2012

Spring Sunrise- Purple Fairy Challenge

So I am going back to my mums house for the weekend, so had very little time for this challenge however here are my spring sunrise nails (yep basically glittery yellow nails).

Yep, don't get too excited. This is China Glaze Lighthouse from the Anchors Away collection. This is FOUR coats and there is still lots of VLN with the polish. However for a yellow I must say this is quite a pretty colour. This polish has a jelly finishg and suspends loads of tiny glass flecks and gold glitter, and when it catches the light it is a beauty.
Notice the VLN here in these pictures. I hate that in a polish, but maybe with a quick coat of underwear that problem could be fixed. The other problem I have with this polish isn't really a problem of the polish at all. I just have a kind of yellowy skin ton (yuck) which just really doesn't suit yellow colours. Never mind.


Yellow is one of those colours that you just love or hate I think. What do you think of yellow polish?

Here is a list of the challenges that i am doing! It is still not too late to take part!


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  1. I love yellow! It's so bright and happy! And I love this glitter, I think I'll have to add this polish to my wishlist!


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