Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Beauty Blog Roundup Post

So welcome to another edition of my beauty blog. Here are some notable products that I have used this month:

Benefit Lip Tint in Bene Tint
(This Photo is not my own and was taken from google for reference)
Bloggers seem to suggest that this is one of the best liptints out there. Earlier this month I went to a wedding and needed something to wear instead of lipstick or lipgloss, both of which end up being too messy for me and i hate the fact I have to keep applying lipstick all the time to make it look consistant throughout the day. In steps Bene Tint... I managed to pick up a sample size of this and posietint (the pink version) on ebay rather cheaply and was really excited to try them out.

The problem I had was to get any type of colour on my lips this required loads of layers of tint and then the colour just seemed to soak in leaving my lips patchy and really not that nice to look at. Also what colour was there seemed to wear off my lips super quickly.Needless to say I ended going with lipstick...

Yes this does work as a cheek stain/tint too but to be compleatly honest I am not the blush type so I haven't tried it. Maybe it redeems itself there? I don't know.

Final Verdict: This product doesn't seem to live up to all the hype. Admittedly a bottle will last forever but with a stupidly large pricetag and a product that just didn't seem to work for me as well  means I just can't see myself buying a full size bottle. Sorry Benefit I really wanted to love you.

You can buy this product online or in some independent department stores

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
This suff is amazing. So this month I dyed my hair again and the ends which have been through some tough times (several bleachings and copious amount of red hair dye now had to content with my new colouring too) were strating to show the strain. No split ends but they were a bit dry and generally nasty. I love Aussie products and remembered I had one of these pouches left at home so decided to treat myself to a nice long shower and a three minute miracle.

 What does the product say?
"Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor is enriched with Australian Balm Mint. This nourishing treatment gets to work fast on damaged hair, repairing and smoothing rough cuticles, restoring manageability and shine.  “The Aussie Philosophy" - There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start!
Directions For Use:
Pop a splodge of 3 Minute Miracle onto clean wet hair.  Leave on for 2-3 minutes depending on how much of a treat it needs.  Rinse with warm water."

The scent of this is lovely, not too overpowering which I love as I used some pretty strong shower gels and oils and sometimes there can be too many smells going on!

In fact I did only leave this on for three minuets and I can definatly feel the results my hair feels softer and the ends less dry also my hair now has a lovely shine to it. In fact even without knowing I had used it my boyfriend said he could  see a difference. In my books that is a great big thumbs up!

 Final Verdict: This product actually works and does what it says on the packet. Isn't that a first! You can buy big bottles of this too which is great although I would suggest using this product as a treat maybe once a month of after dying the hair and not all the time. I will be purchasing more soon!

You can buy this product in Superdrug, Boots or Online

Barry M  Intense Eyeliner Pen (Black)
Photo taken from the Barry M website 

This product is my go -to eyeliner. I know  I always bleat on about Barry M's lovely polishes but the whole line of makeup they do is great! Made in England and not tested on animals what is not to like!

I love the black eyeliner so much the colour is well pigmented and is waterproof. The twisty retractable packing is great too which means i never have a blunt pencil. This is one of the only eyeliners that i have tried that actually does stay put all day.

This month i sent one over to my lovely friend Bee in America who said  "I'm SO excited you remembered the Barry M eye pencil. I've been using it lately because all the others I have MELT under the lights at the nail salon. I'm totally in love with it and not ONE smudge"

Final Verdict: I have already been through about five or six of these babies so it is such a staple for me that i have forgot to mention it! This product is so simple and yet so great and for under £4 this is perfect. Why spend more money when this itself is so great with a fantastic wear time?

February is such a short moth that this is it for this installment. Check back next month for more products that i have used!



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