Sunday, 12 February 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

So finally the UK gets a polish that everyone is going crazy over- except me. Max Factor Fantasy Fire is suppose to be a dupe for the much lusted-after Clarins 230.

Don't get me wrong it is a pretty colour and looks arther good on, I guess i'm just not getting the hype over it.

For staters the bottle is tiny and is pretty expensive at £3.99  or about $6.00. Here is a bottle shot next to a Barry M polish:

 See how tiny it is?

Anyway this brings me onto my next point, Fantasy Fire is stupidly sheer, to get full coverage I have heard some women using five coats. That is pretty much the whole bottle. That is why for this manicure I have used a coat of Barry M Indigo underneath.

It does look pretty mind:
See the red micro glitter/shimmer this turns a prefect green/gold when it hits the light right.

Above pictures with and without flash.

What are your thoughts on this polish?Is it worth the hype?



  1. I didn't get the hype over it either. It's just not my type of polish. It's lovely and I'm glad other people love it, but I'm just as glad that I don't or I would've had to pay someone else to ship it to me. lol. I sometimes find it a relief when I don't *love* the polish everyone else is lusting after. Makes my life easier and cheaper. ;)

  2. I agree its pretty but no my thing, I am glad too that the UK had a wanted polish. I managed to snag 15 or so and they have all gone to the USA.

  3. I'm doing a swap and can't wait to get this gorgeous polish. I like the base you used :)


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