Saturday, 4 February 2012

Nail Mail

I have been AWOL for a week or so but when I got back on the internet a couple of days ago I was glad to see all the packages I have sent lately have got to their new owners safely. I also have 4 packages to collect from the post office, the wait to get my nail mail is killing me.

 But until then here is some of the cute things  I have swapped lately!
My Secret Valentine package to the lovely Frankie.

I gave her some lovely nail art brushes, heart and star shaped bath fizzers, sweeties and polishes in Barry M Indigo and Nails Inc Victoria! Both of these brands are really hard to get in the US, i am glad i am able to help my international friends out.

I have also done a swap with the lovely April who told me she could get me some of the polishes off my wishlist.
In return i got her four GOSH polishes in Flamingo and Bubblegum (top left) and Gasoline and Purple Heart (bottom left). Again you can only get GOSH in Europe but these whent all the way to America!

Lastly it was the lovely Lyncia's birthday and as a member of the birthday group I am in she got really spoilt with lovely gifts! Here is the package i sent:
Lots of sweeties and chocolate, Mandarin and Fig Body Lotion (this stuff smells great) and Zoya Trinity and another polish which i can't remember the name of.

More updates soon!


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  1. Those Gosh polishes look amazing! I think I'm going to have to start swapping ;)Glad all your packages arrived safely :)


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