Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pink Poka Dots- Spring Challenge

I am so proud of myself, this manicure is unquestionably the best nail art I have ever done. It is amazingly simple but am I so proud of myself. I keep looking at my nails and smiling they are just so pretty!

Anyway, with my birthday cash I bought myself a massive set of nail art brushes and dotting tools and they arrived this week: (this photo was taken from amazon)
Anyway, today spring challenge was to do pink polka dots.

For this i used Catrice Is it Blue or Green for the base and used Barry M Bright Pink for the polka dots and then did little roses on my accent finger with bright pink and Barry M Matte White and Spring Green. Ignore my messy cuticles, my hands are still horrible from the cold.

I love this soo much! 
Here is the list again:



  1. Your polka dots are so even and perfectly spaced! Impressive! :)

  2. This mani looks amazing!! I love the color combo, too! =)

  3. Love the little roses, and of course the doticure is fabulous :)

  4. that is indeed a HUGE set of nail art equip! x


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