Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tackiest Valentine Nail Art

I have been naughty and missed a few challenges over at the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge (I will be going back to do them). However this weeks seasonal theme was 'Tackiest Valentine Mani'. This is such a fun theme to do.

Anyway this manicure is based on the valentine gift I bought this year for my wonderful boyfriend of three years. I got it from over at moonpig who made a customised card and mug for him. (We don't really celebrate Valentine's day so he got his gift early!)

The Mug in question says "Tom, We go together like bacon and eggs... Happy Valentines Day" and there are a couple of photos of us on there too:

and so  here is my manicure inspired by that:

And here I am posing with the mug:

I think it is kinda cute in it's own tacky way. Thankfully I am not actually wearing this for valentines day!



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