Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nails Inc Brick Lane AN UPDATE

Remember how in my post yesterday I said I was weary about the nails inc mattes as they warned on the bottle they don't last as long as normal polishes. Well last night when I went to bed I had no chips. Above are photos of my nails this morning. Thats right SLEEPING DID THIS! As advised on the bottle I didn't apply a basecoat and I am wondering if they would have lasted longer if I had applied one. I will test this out when i work up the nerve to try this again. My bed was covered in black chips of polish which seemed to just break up into dust. Yuck!

I do love matte polish and  know that it just doesn't wear for as long. But i can get 2 days out of Zoya and OPI so why can't I get a night out of this one? Nails Inc aren't cheap either so I can't say that THAT is the reason.

I have never been that negative in a blog post about a polish before, everything I own has a redeeming quality. This one though... I will have to see....

UPDATE: after talking to Nails Inc, they recommended buffing the nails before application and stated this polish could only be worn as a polish for a short period- aka a night out and not as an everyday polish. I do have other Nails Inc polishes which I like however, I would recommend against the matte polish due to the formula. 



  1. I always use a base coat under my mattes, it doesn't affect the finish but it does seem to prevent chipping. Of course, if you use topcoat, it'll become a gloss - I like my SC "Savage" better with a gloss topcoat.

  2. Wow! That's mental! I've never been a fan of matte polish - I can get the same effect with normal polish and matte tc - and you can use normal tc first to make it last longer. I think I'd actally complain to Nails Inc if all you did was sleep wearing it! I mean, how dare you sleep! lol


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