Saturday, 10 March 2012

Another Blue Mani?

Yes it is, maybe it is because i have been feeling a little bit blue these past weeks. Everyone gets a minor case of SAD in the winter anyway and that mixed with the fact i have no motivation to do any work has left me one sad little polish-head :(

But aside from my RL dramas i bring you another post.

This glittery beauty is China Glaze Dorothy Who? In real life this colour has alot more sky blue/ green tones to it but as per normal my phone can't capture this. Anyway Dorothy is just jammed packed with bright blue sparkle. In two coats it was perfect and applied really smoothly. Even without a top caot of SV this is perfectly smooth.  

And then on every other nail i applied a thin coat of China Glaze oxidized aqua a glittery metallic blue crackle. I know the crackle phase is over (and has been for a while so stop bringing out more colours OPI) but i have had my eye on this for a while, and when i recieved it in a swap i knew that i was going to have to use it! This is my first Crackle by China Glaze and let me say firstly that the one that crackles the best is still Barry M's shatter polishes. Notice on my baby finger it has hardly crackled at all! However when i bought Barry M's gold crackle it was horrible and gritty, this one however is perfectly smooth. So i guess the two points even this polish out.
I do have a sneaking feeling that Dorothy is going to stain my nails. I guess we will have to wait and see with that one!

This is a pretty combination. What do you think of crackle polish? Is it out of date?


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