Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nude nails!

So i have a fancy ball to go to tonight because the society i have founded here at the University has been nominated for an award.

I actually only found a dress to wear today! Anyway while i was in town i picked up a co-ordinating coloured polish. Yes it is a nude polish! I've never been a fan of nude and while this does have it's charm it just looks so plain! I added a an accent nail leopard print.

However if you are into nude polish i would really recommend this one. This is pop beauty in the shade Chino. This colour is completely opaque in two coats and dries perfectly glossy. I added a coat of SV just for some extra shine. On my accent nail i used Barry M Gold Foil and Black

I'll add a photo of the completed look later.

But in the mean time, do you love or hate nude polish?


  1. I like these a lot! What a lovely way to jazz up nudie nails :) x

  2. I love nude polish, so this is right up my alley. The accent is cool, too! Nice job! :)


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