Tuesday, 20 March 2012


So today I bring you a franken polish made by the wonderful Amy. I have been so excited to get this polish and couldn't believe my luck when the lovely girls at Ninja Polish  (I would really recommend this site the girls here are super fab!) started stocking some of her polishes!!!! Yay! So I grabbed this one straight up as well as some others!

So Floam  is a mix of green and blue glitter in a clear base.  Sometimes it looks mostly green and other times mostly blue. The glitter is perfectly round and completely matte and really isn't glitter at all as there is no shine to it. This just looks so amazing!

This polish dries matte but you can add a topcoat if you want to make it super pretty and shiny (and last longer). 
The Formula on this is pretty thick so you need to wait for it to be semi-dry between coats to stop dragging happening. This is three coats and you can still see some nail but that is the appeal of this polish really, how complex it looks. Anyway I think you could easily layer this polish too to create some really good effects.

I am starting to love Indie polish makers but getting the polish here in the UK is even more of a nightmare! If you have any Indie polish your not keen or remember that I am always willing to buy/swap!


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