Friday, 6 April 2012

Indi Chocolate Beauty Review

So today I have another non-polish post for you all (did you notice I didn't do a March Beauty Round-up post?)

Anyway as Easter approached this year I decided that I wasn't going to buy Easter Eggs. Alot of that is due to the fact that I don't eat Nestle' products anymore so I have kind of gone off eating chocolate. However a couple of months ago I saw a blog post here reviewing a brand called Indi Chocolate. Chocolate and beauty products? Yes please!

Anyway as this was a small international company I got in contact with my lovely friend Elizabeth from America to see if it was worth me buying some bits and getting them shipped internationally. After getting her products Elizabeth was raving to me about how good they were. She even wrote a blog post on them here!

So after all that prep I contact the owner of the Store, Erin to talk about placing an international order. Erin told me that as she is a small company no one had asked for international ordering before so it wasn't up on the website, however she was happy to look into it for me.

What can I say, the contact I had with Erin throughout the whole process was amazing, she kept me updated every single step of the way. This is customer service at it's best!

Anyway my package took about three ish weeks to make it to me, but got here in time for Easter! Yay!

Behold the chocolate goodness:

Everything was wrapped up in this cute dotty paper with brown bows. Soo sweet!

So what did I get?
Two chocolate lipbalms in Chocolate Love (plain chocolate) and Vanilla Temptation (Chocolate and Vanilla). They are $4 each. Erin also makes a chocolate and mint/ orange/ mocha flavours too!

These lipbalms are great! They smell wonderfully of chocolate, yet they don't taste of anything which is good else i tend to end up just eating my lipbalm off my lips! Also they are perfectly clear on the lips, maybe adding just a little hint of gloss. These balms are thick and provide a great layer of protection on the lips yet don't feel waxy like other products I have tried.

Foot Repair Cubes, $5 for three cubes. Erin states on the website that  these are "For rough spots such as heels that require a bit more exfoliation. Use foot repair cubes in the shower to scrub away your callouses and cares." My first reaction is that they looked like little squishy chocolate brownies and they smelt soo yummy. They are completely packed with sugar scrub so they worked great at exfoliating my heels (it is almost flip-flop weather after all so i want to be looking my best!) They are slightly waxy but I find this a good thing as it feels like they are working and you can tell that you have used them. They are quite breakable when wet but I think you should be able to get a few uses out of a cube!

Body Lotion in OMG Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Orange. $12 each. So i asked Erin if she was able to make me a custom product of some chocolate orange body lotion as this is one of my alltime favourite combinations and she whipped me up this extra bottle. Since my plee this flavour has also been added to her core line on the website (yeah I made something happen!) so if you ever order this product then you can let me know how amazing I am for the suggestion. Seriously though, both these lotions are great! The Mint Chocolate smelt just like After Eight Mints, again not overpowering but it smelt soo yummy that I was actually sat on the bed sniffing myself. And the chocolate orange is wonderful! Oh My Goodness is it good!  This lotion is thin but I like that in a lotion as it is easy to work in and completely soaks into the skin. My skin also felt softer after using this products, although I  would have bought it for the scent alone, which lingered on the skin for a good 10-15 mins after application.

Erin also added a sample of an Exfoliator that isn't on her website yet! Again this smells amazingly of chocolate yet isn't overpowering at all. The 'bits' inside are perfect not harsh enough to cause irritation but i applied some to my lips and rubbed it around and it took off all the dead skin! I also used some on my cuticles and it was really good at prepping them before starting my cuticle regime. I don't think you could use this as your one and only cuticle product though as it doesn't seem oily enough for me. But I guess this is down to personal taste and if you used it then applied your cuticle oils or whatever afterwards you would negate this problem.

Overall I can't begin to tell you all how happy I am with this order  and I want to buy so many back-ups already of all the products I ordered! For more information behind Indi Chocolate take a look at this.

Please don't be scared to send Erin an email for more information!  Erin, if you are reading this, thank you for such wonderful products, I will be back for more soon! And  my dear readers have a wonderful Easter, whether you are eating chocolate or just covering yourself in it!



  1. These products sound so wonderful! That is really great that you suggested a product and now everyone can order it!! I've never heard of this company, so thank you for the review. x

  2. So glad you are enjoying the goodies. I really appreciate your review and praise.

    To all your dear readers, feel free to contact me directly if you can't find what you need on my website at Always happy to help.



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