Tuesday, 24 April 2012

LOSTathon Season Two

You must have lived in a bubble if you have never heard of the ABC hit show LOST, even if you don't like i bet you know at least ten people who did! The first season gained 15.69 million viewers per episode! Yikes! As a major nerd i couldn't turn down doing six manicures based on lost (one for each epic season!). But i am not doing this alone, there are five other ladies joining me on this epic nail art homage! KirstenSarah, Emma, Bee and Debbie

So onwards to Season two.  BEWARE SPOILERS !!!!! (and copied wiki content sorry)

The second season follows the growing conflict between the survivors and the Others, and continues the theme of the clash between faith and science, while resolving old mysteries and posing new ones. A power struggle between Jack and John over control of the guns and medicine in the hatch develops, resolved in "The Long Con" by the machinations of Sawyer when he gains control of them. New characters are introduced, including the tail-section survivors (the "Tailies") and other island inhabitants. The hatch is revealed to be a research station built by the Dharma Initiative, a scientific research project that was conducting experiments on the island decades earlier. A man named Desmond Hume has been living in the hatch for 3 years, pushing a button every 108 minutes to prevent a catastrophic event from occurring. As the truth about the mysterious Others begins to unfold, one of the crash survivors betrays the other castaways, and the cause of the plane crash is revealed.

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42? What does that mean? I hate to say it but I've watched all the series and I still don't know the answer! However these numbers are an iconic part of lost and are a major factor in series two and the hatch.  Which leads me onto:

Kerrie's top five moments of series two:
1. The Hatch, why can something have so mystery surrounding it? I was in so much suspense when they opened it. Was I expecting it what was inside? No way!
2. This kind of follows on from point one but deserves it's own point- Desmond. One of my favourite (if not my all time favourite) characters. I feel so sorry for him. He never gets it good does he? And being trapped in that hatch pressing those awful buttons?
3. Ana Lucia/ Sawyer. It is a shame she only slept with him for the gun as I really shipped them
4. Hurley/Libby more shipping here but this is way more than cute!!! 
5. Henry Gale- even though you are meant to hate him I love Ben so much as a character but I was so sad to learn that he wasn't really Henry after all. But Henry Gale was an epic character before he transformed into Ben.

I should just point out here that this is Barry M in Raspberry and some cheepy nail art pens in white and black. I know the paint job on this is pretty awful but I had already worn the red for about three days before painting on the numbers. Shh... it adds to the grungy effect!

 What annoyed me this season?
Alot of great characters died in this season and i feel that some of them could have been developed more. I understand why they died but i still can't accept it.
Mr Eko. He just annoyed me. Sorry Eko fans.
Fighting over guns. Tut Tut.

So finally one more photo of my nails here:

So what did you think of season two? Are you ready for season three?


  1. These are way cute Kerrie! I didn't mind the death of Libby though I felt awful for Hurley. But I do wish they had fleshed out her story line more. Why oh why did she and Michelle Rodriguez have to get DUI's and get booted from Hawaii?! lol...great mani!!

  2. <3 hurley! Hes so warm and cuddly!!! - Great mani!


  3. lol @ Bee with the geek comment of the year lol. I loved the whole Henry Gale thing too - that was an acting masterclass that was a JOY to watch. Love the nails Kerrie x

  4. Turned out awesome! Love it! I was super sad for Hurley when Libby died :( But was happy when Ana Lucia died, did not like her character!


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