Thursday, 3 May 2012


A couple of weeks ago I picked up some really cute polishes in Boots on sale for three pounds each. I am guessing they have been discontinued. I'm really not much of a perfume gal but I was compelled to buy them because of the cute bottles they were in. 

Arn't they just the cutest? I am such a big sucker for Japanese things (think tokidoki and hello kitty). These polishes were part of a range of 5 polishes in total and although I didn't know it until I brought them up they are part of the Gwen Stefani range.

This one is Lil Angel. Notice that the perfume itself sits in the bottom and in real life this is really quite tiny. I think if you were to wear this perfume everyday you would run out within the month. The 'doll' is cute and made from a lightweight hollow plastic.

Each doll has her own unique style. Lil Angelwears a japanese gothic lolita outfit has straight red hair.  The perfume in this one was in my opinion the best out of the three I bought.  The scent is floral and quite sweet, to me it has a kind of citrus/ berry mix with the clean finish of waterlillies. It is also the strongest scent of the three.

Love's style is influenced by the Sweet Lolita, a knee length dress and high socks. She also has cute purple ringlets in her hair. As for the scent, this one is alot more fruity, I could smell orange blossom and nectarine's which seems to deepen into a warmer musky scent. Still it was very pleasant.

Music is based on Visual Kei and looks almost punk rock. She has bright pink spiky hair and a tartan skirt. I would say that my own style of dress is much like Music's!  The perfume is much more musky and woodsy smelling than the other two and doesn't seem to develop into anything more either. However saying this it is still a nice perfume.

For three pounds I really don't mind these at all the bottles are cute and the perfume is passable. I wouldn't pay much more for them though as the perfume amount is rather small and really once applied they don't last long, maybe an hour at most. I think these are more a collectors piece and they look really great in my room!

What do you think of things like this? Do you buy beauty products just for decoration or because they look good?



  1. Dude, I LOVE perfume!! I'm so excited you reviewed these. The only one I've tried is Lil Angel, and it was too sweet for me... but as sweet fumes go, it was well done. It's fun to see their changed up look! :)

  2. I have all of these. I don't wear them all the time but I love the G scent. It's like a sunny beach!

  3. OMG!!!!!! I Love, love, love, love, Lol.


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