Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mario Nails

So I  am a bit of a nerd, I love playing games so when I saw these cute little decals on ebay I knew I had to go get them!

For a base I used the new Models Own Baleric Cool from the Hed Kandi collection.This polish is very sheer and took three coats to achieve a finish that wasn't streaky. However saying that this is the perfect cartoon  blue, neon with a green base which doesn't come across in the photo (they are also much bright in real life!) After all those layers of polish were dry i applied the decals, these one work like those fake tattoos you get as a kid. I applied water with a cotton bud until the back was saturated and then slid the backing paper off. Easy! I got a few dents in my polish but  you just need to be careful. Add topcoat and you are done!

Isn't that mushroom just the sweetest thing you've seen?

 My five year old brother loved these soo much! I hope these don't chip I don't want to take them off any time soon!



  1. So cute...love them. I once made super mario nails too, with selfmade decals...you know it is not that difficult to make your own water decals ;)


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