Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Royal Matterimoaning

It isn't often you will find me being patriotic but i found myself this weekend sitting with naked nails in front of my laptop (I don't have a TV *gasp!*) when i saw that it was the first year anniversary of Prince Wills and Kate. Wow hasn't time gone quick? Anyway I knew this was the perfect time to crack out one of my untried polishes. Manglaze Royal Matterimoning.

This is my first manglaze and boy do I need more. I am such a matte polish whore anyway but this polish applied like no other I have tried. Application was easy and although I needed two coats i think you could easily have gotten away with one thick coat. Like all matte polishes it dried so fast and really smooth too!

 So anyway this polish is a flat, matte, royal blue (what else?)  that verges on french navy with a amazing blue shimmer. It is just yummy. On my short nails it looks really classy but the matte finish has that edgyness to it that I love about ManGlaze. 

In fact there bottles are to die for.  And any Brit has to love the union jack on this bottle!

 Yeah the flash shows my clean-up wasn't as great as I thought it was.

This polish is a true keeper and is maybe one of the only good pieces of merchandise made from the royal wedding. Manglaze I need more of your polish pronto.

Radom Trivia: I live like 10-15 minuets away from Kate's family home. Go me.



  1. aw i was so proud when i saw you holding the bottle! love it :) xx

  2. One of my lemmings! Stunning! :)

  3. I love this polish, it is one of my favorites. I agree it looks great on short nails.


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