Thursday, 7 June 2012

Graze Box Two

So a few weeks ago I posted about the healthy snacks in a box scheme called Graze Box  that I got in the post. Well here is the second one. This review is really far behind now as i've actually had five in this time but I really impressed by the service and what I got in my second box.

So this is the first box I actually had to pay for after getting my first one free, so I hoped it lived up to the free box.  Again I left the options on everything at 'try' apart from selecting a lower option for the things I had in the first box (so chances were that I wouldn't get the same thing twice).

Here is what I got:

It looks pretty interesting to me. So far so good.

The first thing to try was the Boston Baguettes with BBQ Relish. Can you see in the top corner it says it's only 84 calaories. Anyway I really liked the breadstick, they had a nice crunch to them and they actually look like mini baguettes which is really cute. The BBQ Relish is yummy! Sweet but has a smoke/heat kick at the end (but not too much) which is just perfect. I also love the fact you get enough dip here to dip each baguette a couple of times, because there is nothing worse than not getting enough dip. Actually these were quite filling too- I would say as filling as a dairylea dunker (which is the only mainstream thing I could liken this too even though they couldn't be more different!)

Next up is the Lemon Meringue,  mini  meringues, lemon infused sultana's and yoghurt dipped peanuts. First let me say this really smells and taste of lemon, even the meringues and peanuts taste of it. There is lots of texture to this pot, but everything tastes pretty much the same, of lemons. They were tasty (and the mini meringues are uber cute!) but sadly a bit of a let down.

Black Pepper Pistachios. There isn't much to say about these. If you like pistachios you will love them. The crack black pepper is actually really fiery and are very moreish. I like the idea of selling them in the shell, it makes this a tactile pot of hand-on food. 

Cheddar, Red Onion and  Chutney bread. This bread was backed fresh and you can tell it is perfectly light and fluffy. The leaflet said that it was best to be eaten on the day of delivery which I was happy to do! The Red Onion and Chutney was sweet and tangy I just wished there had been a bit more because what you see in the photo is all there was of it, there was none inside the bread.

I think I have been quite critical of this box but this is actually the best one I have had so far. The Bread and Dippers are really nice products. The Pistachios also were very moreish and I am looking to buy some simular ones from a health food store.

Here is the breakdown of the health values of each of my pots this week:

Fancy getting your own graze box? Use this code that i got with mine which will entitle you to your first box free!


Or use this link which will take you straight to graze using my voucher code!

I really do recommend getting one, even if you just get the free one to try these out, the pot sizes are perfect snack size and I have got to try things that I neber would have had the courage to buy myself.


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