Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I really enjoyed the Potterthon challenge, it helped me remember parts of the books I had forgotton and helped me rekindle my love for the Harry Potter series. One thing that has come out of doing this challenge is how all the ladies with me want to now re-read the books.

Here is a quick summary of all my manicures:

I loved how I was able to try out new things in the challenge. And how all my manicures are really different!

Here are a few selected manicures from the ladies who took part in this challenge with me:

Sam's Book One Nails

Julie's Book Two Nails

Debbie's Book Three Nails 

Emma's Book Four Nail Art

Bee's Book Five nails

Abby's Book Six Manicure

I actually couldn't pick a favourite book seven nails from all the ones the ladies did! I suggest going to check out their blogs instead!

I really love doing these type of challenges they motivate me in a way that I find it hard to do with swatches. And while I love the longer monthly challenges I get bogged down and when each day is a different challenge I tend to get confused too. So that is why I love themed weeks so much. I have already got another two challenges in th pipes and lots of ideas for some more (to do either with others or on my own!)

Thank you ladies for taking part in this with me! I hope you had as much fun as I did!

And quickly before I go I wanted to tell you all this is my 100th blog post! Wow! My blog has changed so much from when I started it and yet it is still evolving now. I have just found a nice camera with a macro setting that I can use for my photos. I also have a nice new lightbox which you may have seen in a few of my Potterthon manicures! Also I am in the middle of talking to a lovely woman who makes her own beauty products about a  GIVEAWAY!  And I have done a couple of guest posts which you will see soon! Thank you for following me! I love hearing from you, if there is anything you want to see more of or have any ideas feel free to get in conctact with me (you can find all the different ways on the contact tab at the top of this blog!)


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