Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Super Hero Challenge- Disney Villain

So the next challenge in the Super Hero challenge is Disney. Who doesn't love Disney? I had so many ideas for this challenge but really there is only one super villain that I could do. After all there is only one film about SUPERHERO'S after all.

Can you work it out?

It's Syndrome from The Incredibles!

 Here's a bit of wiki content for you: Buddy Pine (a.k.a. Syndrome) (voiced by Jason Lee) is the main antagonist of the film. This supervillain was once Mr. Incredible's "number 1 fan". In an attempt to earn his hero's respect, Buddy Pine tried to aid him in fighting crime as "Incredi-Boy", with gadgets he had invented in his spare time. Mr. Incredible declined Buddy's offer, and during a subsequent conflict between Mr. Incredible and the French supervillain Bomb Voyage, Buddy intervened, and ended up with a bomb attached to his costume. Incredible's attempt to remove it led to the destruction of a section of train tracks, which required him to save an approaching train. Angered with Buddy's carelessness, he handed him over to the police to be returned to his family. Out of bitterness, Buddy recreated himself as an evil genius who plotted revenge on his former idol. In the scene where Syndrome confronted Mr. Incredible for the first time in fifteen years, Syndrome declared himself to be Incredible's nemesis.

For this manicure I based it on Syndrome's 'S' suit. I used two coats of Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl as a base which is a pearl colour and pearly/ foily finish polish which is pretty sheer but looks very subtle. I then used Revlon Black Star to create a inverse logo. I bet you can see the 'S' now right? Black star has pretty micro silver glitter in it and dries super quick which is a bonus. For a accent nail I wanted to re-create Syndrome's wild hair. I used a base of Wham!  Pow! from Color Club's Poptastic collection and then two coats of a unnamed Color Club polish (I can't find the name anywhere) which is a shimmery copper toned polish. 

I really like this manicure, it is more abstract than some of my others but works really well. Whats your fav Disney Villain

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  1. lol - well done. I have no idea who you're talking about, but well done :)

  2. I love The incredables. Well done :)

  3. This great I love that you recreated his suit and hair :D


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