Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Superhero's Challenge

So I am taking part in another nail art challenge and this time I am getting my geek on with the Superhero challenge with five other UK based nail bloggers!

The first challenge is Marvel and today I am going to show you a villain. Can you guess who it is?

I think this is pretty to easy to guess. That's right The Red Skull. Can you believe that I only just watched Captain America last week? Shame on me!  Here he is in his comic book form.

 The first two Red Skulls are Nazi agents and the third is a Soviet agent. The Red Skull was first introduced in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941. The first Red Skull (George Maxon) to appear in comics was an American industrialist turned Nazi saboteur. Maxon turned out to be an agent of the true Red Skull (Johann Schmidt), considered (according to S.H.I.E.L.D.) as one of the greatest threats to humanity and a long-time archenemy of Captain America. The third Red Skull (Albert Malik) is best known for causing the deaths of the parents of Peter Parker, and thus orphaning the boy who would become Spider-Man. The Red Skull was ranked number 21 on Wizard Magazine's Top 100 Greatest Villains Ever list and was also ranked as IGN's 14th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.  (Thanks Wikipedia!)

The Red Skull is the perfect propaganda villain. How can you get more evil? I chose a Grey base to represent the HYDRA uniform that he wears.  Two coats of  Essence The Dawn is Broken  a grey with tiny micro black glitter stippled (with a nail art brush) over the top with Essence We Will Rock You, a Smoke effect topper. I love the effect of this, it gives just enough depth to the manicure. I used more Essence for the Glitter, Blair from the Twins collection, a sliver almost gun-mental grey glitter, which is a mix of hexes and micro glitter. For the accent nail I used a nail stencil in the shape of a skull that I luckily had lying around and carefully used Barry M Red to create the skull. I then used a matte topcoat to make this manicure look mean and evil!

 I have such a love for matte glitter and I love the base of this manicure. I am not a fan of grey polish but this looks so interesting and everyone who saw this manicure loved it!

Don't forget to check the other girls taking part with me:

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Sammy @ Nailasaurus
Debbie @ the crumpet
Sarah @ Spellbinding Nails
Jo @ NorthernNails
Charlotte @ Charlottes Nails
Kerrie @ PishPosh and Polish (thats me!)

And join me on Thursday for the Marvel Hero (or Hero's hint hint).

Here's a little graphic of the challenge:

Who is your favorite Marvel Villain? 



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    1. Why do people feel the need to be totally rude. We would have all been just fine if Anonymous had kept their thoughts to them self.

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  3. I love this mani and this challenge! I just watched Captain America for the first time last week too lol. I decided I needed to watch it after I saw (and loved) The Avengers. And I love that Essence polish :)

    P.S. I love your blog, so don't listen to that douche's comment above mine. <3

  4. I really love this nail art, well done! I especially love the grey you used :)

  5. Well done, you've done a great job with this!

  6. Love this! The matte adds a very sinister twist!

  7. Yay for red skull - Great minds think alike lol! Great manicure! I love how this turned out =D



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