Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I know I am late again with this challenge but at least I am getting there. Today's challenge was decided by Bec who chose the 80's. I must admit that I struggled with this, not only was I not born until the Nineties but I know very little about it apart from musically. Therefore I trailed google for some inspiration and found this awesome colour combination of shocking pink and blue.

I used Barry M Cyan Blue topped with pink Special Effects Crackle for a super easy manicure. Yet there is something about this that I really like, maybe it's just because although crackle has been done to death, but it still looks interesting and is a easy way to spice up your nails. Also the colour combination is super fun and bright. Garish? Yes defiantly but great!

So this is a super short post from me but what inspires you from the 80's?

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