Monday, 23 July 2012

BFF Challenge Nails- Book Cover

I am a mega book nerd and study English so I was uber excited to do the newest challenge in the BFF series. However this weekend was manic. I have been moving home and this weekend I decided that all my clothes which were in storage should be sorted and put in their rightful places. I am just as obsessed with clothes as I am in polish and trust me this was a mammoth undertaking. In the end I ended up sorting out 50 tops that I no longer need and giving them to the charity shop and oodles of other stuff. Yet still I had a hard job fitting all my clothes away.

So that is my excise as to why my manicure is rushed and I am using my phone camera (not to mention that this should have been posted two days ago!)Please forgive me!!

So here are my nails for the Book Cover Challenge:

Can you guess the book?

It's the Southern Vampire Mystery Novels (True Blood series) by Charlaine Harris!

I absolutely adore these books, Harris' world is amazingly detail and complex. Not only is it a horror it's a romance and a political comment on society!   To find out more click here to go to the Wikipedia page on it.

This manicure used a base on Revlon Black Star, a black polish with a lovely shimmer. I then painted on 'blood' with a unlabelled Revlon red polish. I attempted to paint some red lips on my middle nail as all the book covers have these in the covers.

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EDIT: CHECK THIS OUT (click for a bigger photo!):



  1. I love those books!! Great job.

  2. i haven't read it yet but i guess it is really good,huh?
    ill put it on my list too!

    great mani,hun!


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