Friday, 27 July 2012

BFF Challenge- Punk

So today it was the wonderful Bec's turn to pick a challenge and she picked PUNK which I was very excited about. Punk is so British and is something that I have really embraced in my own culture, influencing the clothes I wear and the music I listen to. Punk changed a generation and it's effects are still apparent today.

I had so many ideas for this manicure but when it got down to actually doing it I had a hard time. I ending up resorting to The Sex Pistols as my inspiration for this manicure.

I used Neon Pink and Yellow as used in the Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols CD cover art as the basis for this manicure as shown below.

The colours I used for this were Colour club Almost Famous and Warhol from the Poptastic neon collection. After two coats and drying I used a fan brush dipped in acetone to dilute W7 Black polish which I then did a simple splatter manicure with to create a grungy dirty effect. I also used W7 to write "PUNK" across my fingers. What I like best about this manicure however is my thumb. Can you spot what I did?

Thats right it's the queen's head! The Queen became a symbol of ultimate authority in the Punk era and is synonymous with the Sex Pistol's songs.  I used a 10 pence piece which I cover in more W7 Black before using my scraper to take off the excess. I don't think  my MASH stamper is very good as it wouldn't transfer the design however using a sponge I was able to pick the design off the coin and onto my nail. I then sponged some more black around the Queen's head to create a more graduated effect . I really like how it turned out as it's not obvious as to what it is at first glance. She looks almost creepy.

What do you think of Punk?

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Until next time!



  1. this is terrific! Mad skilz, love HRH profile especially!!

  2. you're improving so much xxx

  3. I love your color combination and the Queen looks amazing! Awesome mani!

  4. OMG!
    the queen is amazing!!!!!
    i can't imagine how u did it even with the instructions but that is awesome!
    great mani!

  5. The Queens head is fantastic - well done!


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