Monday, 23 July 2012

Disney Challenge- Pinocchio

So today I embarked on a new challenge with some wonderful ladies in an attempt to recreate my favourite Disney films.

Here is a list of the order we are doing them in:

So today's post is Pinocchio! Sadly I didn't give myself enough time to do a complex manicure so decided to just paint my nails a colour that represents one of the characters. 
Please ignore the messy cuticles I ran out of acetone. Can you guess which character this is?

The Blue Fairy!

Pinocchio is a 1940 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and based on the story The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. It is the second film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics, and was made after the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was released to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1940.
The plot of the film involves an old wood-carver named Geppetto who carves a wooden puppet named Pinocchio who is brought to life by a blue fairy, who tells him he can become a real boy if he proves himself "brave, truthful, and unselfish". Thus begin the puppet's adventures to become a real boy, which involve many encounters with a host of unsavory characters. (thanks Wikipedia)

So this manicure uses AVON Sequined Turquoise a polish packed with little gorgeous glass flecks. I then topped this with two coats of an un-named polish which consisted of a sheet blue jelly base and silver glitter. Doesn't it look magical?

Here is a list of the other ladies taking part with me:


Ana Cris


Lansy Hairath

Marta Martiti






Becky Torres




La NiƱa Topo


Kerrie (thats me!)


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