Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Superhero Challenge- Ultimate Villian

Today is the penultimate post in the Super Hero Challenge. Today's post is supposed to be your ultimate Villian. However I decided to do things slightly differently. We have already covered Marvel, DC and Disney but there are loads more great comic and graphic novels which don't fall under any of those headings. One of my favourite's is Alan Moore. Even if you haven't heard of Alan Moore then you will have heard of the villian.

This is my homage to From Hell featuring the evil Jack the Ripper!

Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, a.k.a. Prince Eddy, marries and fathers a child with Annie Crook, a shop girl in London's East End. Prince Eddy had visited the area under an assumed name and Annie is unaware of her husband's royal position. Queen Victoria becomes aware of the marriage and has Albert separated forcibly from his wife, whom she places in an asylum. Victoria then instructs her royal physician Sir William Gull to impair Annie's sanity, which he does by damaging or impairing her thyroid gland. The prince's daughter is taken to Annie Crook's parents by the painter Walter Sickert, a friend of Eddy's who had accompanied him on his trips to the East End. Crook's father believes the child to be his through an incestuous relationship with his daughter.

The potentially scandalous matter is resolved, until a group of prostitutes — Annie's friends — who are aware of the illegitimate child and its royal connections, attempt to blackmail Walter Sickert, Prince Eddy's friend, in order to pay off a gang of thugs who are threatening them. After Queen Victoria learns of the blackmail attempt, Gull is once again enlisted, this time to silence the group of women who are threatening the crown. The police are complicit in the crimes — they are granted prior knowledge of Gull's intentions, and are adjured not to interfere until the plot is completed.

The course I am studying at university is Victorian Literature and Culture so for me there is nothing better than this. It is a horror, conspiracy theory, a comment on society all the same time! 

So this manicure feature's blood splatters, simple eh? 

I have never tried a splatter manicure before but this was super easier. I started with two coats of OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts from the Touring America Collection which is a smokey grey with a hint of taupe or brown.  Then using an angled nail art brush I applied Barry M Raspberry and dipped my brush quickly in acetone before running my fingers over the brush to make the polish 'splatter'. Simple. A coat of Seche Vite made this smooth and glossy.

So next time we come to the final part of this challenge- ultimate hero. Again I am going to try and show you a hero from one of the lesser known series. 

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  1. I love that you chose to choose characters that are relatively unknown , I have really enjoyed watching what you come up with and look forward to your Ultimate Hero/ine

  2. This looks absolutely amazing!

  3. good job Kerrie, i haven't splattered that way before - will have to give it a try x


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