Thursday, 23 August 2012

BFF Challenge-Texture

So today's challenge was chosen by Emma the master at texture nails. I have just got my hands on some flocking powder and micro beads which I dabbled with putting on my nails but in the end decided to go with something I knew would work and was a little more classic.

This is two coats of GOSH Attitude swatched over a base coat. Attitude is a perfect navy verging on royal blue.  Opaque in two coats and insanely glossy. This was a Limited Edition shade so i'm not sure if you can still get it. I then used some tiny hot pink heart shapes which I stuck to my nail with topcoat and then slathered Seche Vite over them to keep them stuck down.

I love the combination between the pink and blue here, I think it is girly and yet still remains classy. 

Because they are rounded the jewels didn't catch on anything and actually stayed stuck on the nails for three days before they started to get wobbly.  Unlike alot of 3D nails these didn't annoy me at all!  

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Until next time!



  1. these are adorable, yet elegant! Love them!!

  2. The little hearts are really cute.

  3. wow, would love to try this one day!

  4. I adore the 3D effect! I haven't seen this done and I want to do it! I also friggin love that your manis are all on tiny nails, because I am required to have itty bitty nails for work! :D


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