Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dollish Polish Hylian Princess

Today's post features polishes picked out by my boyfriend. The first polish he picked was Hylian Princess from Dollish Polish based on the fact he is a mega Zelda fan. However I insisted that I would only wear it with a base colour of something else. He then preceded to pull out ManGlaze's Royal Matterimoaning, it's not the colour I would have chosen but actually they work together quiet well.

Hylian Princess is a great girly glitter, mixes of gold, pink, violet, purple and holographic glitter in varying sizes. It is a feast for the eyes!  On the other hand Royal Matterimoaning is a beautiful Navy matte polish which has oddles of hidden shimmer. Once the glossy base polish of Hylian Princess gets into contact the the matte polish the shimmer becomes dazzlingly pretty. I'll give it to him it was a good choice after all...

Next time I want to use this on a lighter base colour maybe pink or lilac.

Hylian Princess is part of the Zelda Duo available from Dollish Polish Dollish  and are available at Llarowe and at the Dollish Polish store.  



  1. Ooooh! A GREAT combo, for sure!! Absolutely lovely, and your pictures are fab ;)

  2. I love this!! I got this one too since I love Zelda! I can't decide how to use them! You made a lovely choice!


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