Saturday, 18 August 2012

Favourite Things Challenge- Your Favourite Colour

I have never really been much of a girly girl, as a teen I was never really into fashion and beauty. As  I got older I found myself drawn to polish for it's endless creativity rather than as a fashion accessory. However this challenge really drew me in, I love the themes and tasks of this challenge and hope that I can use it to better my nail art.

ANYWAY... today's first challenge is your favourite colour and my favourite colours are vampy dark colours. I wouldn't call myself Goth (not any more) by darker colours just seem to suit my pale skintone and just look good on me. It's the same for polish with my stubby fingers darker shades just look better.

So here is two caots of my favourite black polish W7 Black with a fading glitter gradient of Nails Inc Princes Arcade. My inspiration for this manicure comes from the amazing Claudia Here. I have a love/ hate relationship with Nails Inc but this shade is outstanding! Princes arcade is jammed packed of magenta and sparse peachy glitter and can easily reach opacity in one thick coat. I really love the effect of this, the pink glitter really pops against the dark base colour. I added one coat of Gelous before topping with Seche Vite to achieve a smooth finish.

And pink plus glitter that makes this doubly girly right?

I love the effect of the fade as well and it shows that this is just as easy to accomplish on short nails like mine. In fact it really adds length to your nail!  

What do you think? Girly? Whats your favourite colour? Does traditional pink for girls still apply in today's society? 

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