Saturday, 4 August 2012

Happy First Blogoversary and Bucket List

My first Blogoversary passed by quiet quietly over at PishPosh and Polish but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be celebrated. This first year of blogging has had it's ups and downs but I feel like I have made great improvements with my blog.

Here are some of my favourite manicures of the past year...

I feel that I have improved alot and hope to keep heightening my skills over the next year. Lets take a quick look at the first manicure I posted on the blog...

Looking back at some of my older posts are making me cringe. I'm the first to admit they weren't great. I think alot of that was to do with the photographs more than the actual manicure itself. I hope this year to recreate some of these past atrocities so I can show you how great they really look!

But none of this would have happened without my wonderful followers. Thank you all! I have got to know some of you really well and others I hope I have the privilege of knowing better in the coming year.

So now it is time to look forward to the year and I have made a Bucket List of things I want to accomplish before my second Blogoversary.

  1. Continue to improve my skills by trying out new techniques (I WILL master stamping and the water marble) and styles. I want to try and push myself and improve the quality of my posts.
  2. Followers: I want to get to 500 GFC followers and set up a facebook fan page. I also aim to interact with you my dear followers more. I want to hear what you want  from this blog! I want to please you! I also want to be able to hold my 300 follower giveaway by October (only about 20 more followers to go!)
  3. Cut down my never-ending wishlist by helping other bloggers in swaps. Also as part of this I want to eradicate buying duplicate shades. I hope to start a new series showing some of the dupes in my collection. This should help me purge my collection and try my untried polishes.
  4. Edit my earlier posts and re-shoot the photographs of my older posts to get them up to a standard I am happy with.
  5. Update my 'about me' page.
  6. Bigger photos and better angels
  7. Different posts (more make-up posts or graze box posts)

Now over to you. What do you like about my blog? What don't you like so much? I want to hear from you! What would you like to see?



  1. I think your nail art is amazing!!! So great :D However I feel that you should take larger pictures? :)

    1. Thanks bee for your support. Larger photos- that is super easily done! X

  2. Happy Blogaversary to you!!! I agree with the larger photos comment, would love to see your designs up close!

  3. happy blogaversary! I am learning to stamp too, so more stamping would be great!

  4. you are so brave! I don't stamp and am too scared to water marble- I'll watch you and maybe that will help me get over it! Congrats on one year!

  5. Some good goals you have there, stamping really does just take practice. I am just sure you will master it :D
    I like the suggestion of making the photos a little bigger too.

  6. I love it when you mix things up and do other posts than just the art! Your Graze Box posts are cool! :) I'd also love pics with more details.

  7. I think that there's always something to improve but I think more important than blog layout are pictures and nails. If I would be super honest and PLEASE don't take it personally, I want to help - I think that if you would grow your nails a bit and file them short like for example Sammy (Nailasaurus) it would look so much better. Also having the same lenghts and clean cuticles is very important. It just all adds to the aesthetics. I wish you the best of luck x


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