Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Falling Foreward Challenge and Needle Marble Tutorial

So last week I was invited to take part in this mini challenge to celebrate the transition from summer to Autumn (Fall).

Today I am going to share with you a neon manicure featuring one of my favourite nail are techniques. Stay tuned at the bottom of my post for my first ever tutorial!

Neons are the colour of summer, bright, happy, retina blindingly bright. How can you not love them? Here I have done a skittled needle marble manicure using some colours from the color Club Poptastic collection (and a random teal which I can't name!)

I really love this techinque, I was never able to master the water marble but for me this looks just as good (and is half as messy!). 

And here are some close-ups:

I think the pink/ yellow nail is my favourite combination! What is yours?

And now for what you have been waiting for... 

I have gotten lots of feedback from my giveaway saying you would like to see some nail art tutorials  for those new to nail art. AS always I am happy to comply.

All you need for these nails are a selection of colours for you marble, base coat, top, coat and a dotting tool (or suitable alternative).

Click to enlarge:

I would love to see your attempts at this please feel free to use and link to this and show me what you have done!



  1. these look so cool! I'm so going to try this method out soon!

  2. I love needle marbling! I've only tried it once, and I need to play with it some more. Yours look very cool, on each finger, but I like your index and pinkie the best.

  3. Awesome! Why have I not tried this yet?

  4. I love tutorials and I love the look of marbling. This looks like it might (?!) be a little cleaner to try than the water marble I did. I will have to keep this in mind for my next manicure!

  5. Love the tutorial!! These are super cool!

  6. i tried and it was a fail..!! i tried twice, 1st time i waited until the base coat dried.. it was a mess, 2nd time, i did it with thebase color fresh.. SOOO.. could you give any tips to work it better..

  7. OMG I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it.

    Thankss for sharing such a cool tutorial. I will try it.

  8. It looks great! And it's multicolored too - love it! :)

  9. This idea is new to me! interesting tho, maybe i will try it!


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