Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Falling Forward Challenge: Back to School (or work)

Today's theme is back to school. This manicure is a duel purpose manicure, at my school we weren't allowed to wear nail polish but at Sixth Form we could get away with 'work appropriate' colours, so instead of doing full on nail art I decided to swatch a new polish for you all. 

The other purpose of this post is that I had another interview and had to wear something that wasn't too in-your-face  and eye-catching and haven't had time to re-do my manicure since then. So forgive me dear readers.

Over the course of my blog you can see how my tastes have evolved. I have started to wear nude polish and today you get to see a pink that I really love!  This is Darling Diva Polish Barbi Who? a bright bubblegum trademark Barbie-doll pink with a violet base note. And of course you can't forget that this baby is a scattered holographic polish.    

Maybe it's because there is no sun in sight here in the UK but I couldn't get the same holographic properties as say here but non the less the scattered holo particles of this polish were enough to sell this to me.

Application wise this polish was great, two coats for full coverage and no dragging or clumping. This polish dried semi-matte so I added a topcoat to my manicure (maybe this dulled the holographic effect- I need to test that out at a later date).  

I think this was the perfect 'classic' colour to wear to an interview but the subtle holographic gives a nice modern twist. I think this would be a perfect colour to wear to work or school.  What do you think>

So here are the other ladies taking part in this challenge with me:


  1. This is gorgeous! I love how the holo is a bit subtle in this one.

  2. This is what I love about holos. They're gorgeous and interesting, yet manage to be subtle and totally work appropriate, especially in the pink/red/silver range.

  3. Pink is a colour I don't really have many bottles of at this time. I guess it is an easy one to wear at work because it's so "normal" but I'm weird and prefer to wear blue or green! It is a lovely soft holo and the name is so right to the shade :) how did the interview go? I went to an interview wearing glacier bay views a few years ago, the interview was bad, I broke my big toe before hand, I got there and realised I didn't want the job and on the way home I think I caught swine flu from the train journey as a few days later I was full of it. Call me superstitious but I never wore the polish again!

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