Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Interview Manicure

So tomorrow I have an interview for a job. I am really excited about it yet also really nervous. This job is the perfect job for me and even encompasses my love and knowledge of healthcare and beauty products (and polish!). 

So I wanted to wear a nice neutral manicure that still has the wow factor and shows my passion for cosmetics. I decided on a layering combination that I have been wearing throughout the summer as a pedicure.

Doesn't it look stunning? This is two layers of China Glaze Fast Track from the Hunger Games collection. Fast track is a nude polish with a beautiful golden shimmer. I am not a massive nude fan but something about the shimmer adds an extra dimension to this polish that I really love. Not to mention this shade is almost my manikin hand shade!

I then added two coats of Essie Shine Of The Times from the Luxe effects collection. Shine Of The Times is a golden/ orange/ green flakie polish in a clear base. Over a dark base colour the flakies really pop but on a more neutral base the effect is much more subtle. When the flakies hit the light you get a beautiful spectrum of color on your nails. 

I really love this combination and I would really recommend experimenting with flakies over bases other than traditional black.  Anyway I hope that my lucky manicure helps me get the job! I'll keep you all updated!



  1. here's hoping too! Blessings and prayers- go get 'em!

  2. Ahhh I want Shine of the Times SO bad! It's gorgeous!

  3. Ohh, a flakie over a shimmery nude is a brilliant idea! Very nice, Kerrie :) I hope you get the job!!

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  5. Good luck with your job interview. This combo looks fantastic!

  6. Hope the interview went well. x


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