Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nail Care Haul

You might have seen my cuticles have been in a bit of a state recently. I think a major factor on this is stress, I am still unemployed even with three interviews under my belt in the last two weeks.

However as luck would have it I won a giveaway hosted by the wonderful Bee over at Bee Polished! She had a wonderful series of posts about rehabing your nails which I am now trying to follow religiously.  That is timing for you. Check out what I won: 

 As this is a haul post lets take a closer look:

OPI 180/400 file, Cuticle pusher/v-shaped nipper, Block buffer and Nail Brush.

AND Cuccio Naturals trial sized hand butter in Tuscan Citrus and Herb (this stuff smells amazing I need to see if I can get it here), Avoplex cuticle oil To Go ( I need to get a bigger bottle of this!), Sally Hansen Double Duty Top Coat and Base Coat and finally a cute Zoya mini in Pandora. You will have seen Pandora as the base polish in this manicure, but I am really digging nude/pinky polish at the moment.

Thank you so much to Bee for all my goodies. However this isn't the end of my haul. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a Sally Hansen Nail Care goodie bag in T K MAXX for £5. Knowing my hands were in dire need of some TLC I decided to go for it:

A metal Cuticle Trimmer (still unused at the moment) and Cuticle Massage Cream (it has a strange waxy consistency that I am on the fence about).

Crystal sticks with a abrasive side and a orange stick/ pusher side and Diamond Radiance Cuticle Polish.

Most of these SH products are still untried so I can't tell you how well they work yet or if this was really good value for money. Have you used them? What is your go to nail care products? I need all the help I can get!



  1. Oooo that metal nipper is scaring me! But the spoon side is awesome! :) Glad you loved the prize! :)

  2. Good luck with your cuticles! Be careful with the trimming tools, push back cuticles and use the avoplex twice a week or as directed. With a good cuticle remover you don't need any tools. Moisturize as often as you can. You got a nice package :)

  3. congrats on winning that prize :D
    i cut my cuticles for years, now that i don't do that anymore, they're in better shape, wish you luck with yours :D

  4. i absolutely love SH double duty.. i always use it.. fully recommended..!! I've been using the same manicure since monday night (i've been lazy), doing dishes and house stuff and the manicure is perfect, i used DD..

    and the cuticle cream is the best thing ever, the thing is that you need to be constant in the use.. I'm not.. so i use for 2 weeks then i forget to keep using it.. my cuticles go wild.. and then i go back promising myself i won't stop using it..

    the best product i found for getting my cuticles done is a sally hansen cuticle remover.. is the best ever..!!

  5. I am so glad your cuticle massage cream is the same as mine, I thought I'd just got a bad one that had set! I don't like it much, but knowing me will probably find a use for it. If I do I'll let you know!


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