Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Red and Black Week: Darling Diva Polish Ladybug

After the success of Blue week last week I decided to embark on my own little themed week. This week focuses on Indie polish that feature Red and Black glitter. Simple right? Wrong. You will be surprised at the complexity of this, and the differences this seemingly mundane combination has to offer.

Thanks Missy for helping me create this little graphic!

So to kick off I am going to show you Darling Diva Polish Ladybug.

Ladybug as the name suggests is based on that cute little critter in your garden (over here oddly we call them a Ladybird). It is a red jelly polish with scattered black hex glitter. Looking at the bottle I could tell this this polish was a bit on sheer side being a jelly and all so I decided to use a base colour underneath this polish to help create the iconic red colour (you can see what it looks like without underwear here). So here are two coats of Ladybug over two coats of Barry M Raspberry.

Here it is in direct sunlight . Apart from the sheerness of this polish the glitter was extremely sparse and required quite alot of fishing and placement on the nail. Luckily the jelly consistency of the polish means it didn't goop around like other glitters that you have to place and leveled itself out rather nicely.  

For a cute accent nail I used Barry M Spring Green and then applied a cute ladybug filmo slice to my nail! A coat of Seche Vite all around and all the nails where flat and glossy. Sorted. 

I am not going to lie this polish was a pain to apply and defiantly needs to be layered yet there is something quirky and captivating about this polish that makes it one of my favourite indie polishes. You can get Darling Diva Polish from Etsy for about $8.00.

What do you think about red and black as a colour combination?



  1. awww this is so cute, and great review of the polish, thanks!

  2. I LOVE red & black together and I can't wait to see what else you come up with! Your ladybugs/birds are adorable.

  3. Ooooh, that's a pretty polish! The yellow ladybird is such a great touch!


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